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Find Balance
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Vibrant health is your birthright.
It is never too late to recover it!

What is health? Health is when all of the parts of your body are functioning and coordinating as they’re meant to do.Contrary to popular belief, the absence of symptoms does not necessarily indicate health. Our bodies are very resilient and can put up with a lot before letting us know that something is wrong. Once we start to notice the symptoms, however, we are usually no longer at the beginning of an imbalance or illness
– we’re already farther down the path to degeneration.
OK, so how do we go from healthy to not?
While we may notice that things are a bit (or more) out of whack, we just decide that it’s normal, to feel this way – maybe it’s the excuse of age, or a post-pregnancy body, or lifestyle changes. As long as our mental attitude allows us to excuse it, we don’t take any action until things are so out of sync that it begins to noticeably affect our day-to-day activities – perhaps it’s a noticeably lower energy level, or pain that prohibits us from doing something we love. By this time, things may be so out of balance that it’s hard to pinpoint the actual problem and the correct treatment to solve it.
The body does have self-healing mechanisms that, when given the right replacement parts and tools, can correct imbalances and restore good health.
At b balanced, we find those missing parts and tools to provide the customized solutions to help you:

look better

When the body receives what it needs, it becomes vibrant…

feel better

When the body repairs itself, the feeling of true well-being returns…

be better

When the body is restored, excellent performance is achievable.

Health is such an individual thing that one approach certainly does not fit all. Traditional medicine is not always the right answer either – it may over-address the issues or not treat the correct one(s). A holistic approach, where the bigger picture counts, often brings better results than a method that only looks at a single puzzle piece at a time.

b balanced is about improving lives naturally to look better, feel better and be better through bio-energetic solutions – because working with food and nutrients (the body’s fuel) is working with life force, or energy, which directly impacts our state of health.

Birgit’s focus is on helping people who are frustrated with their trial and error experience in striving to achieve improved health.

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